Media Buys Coach
-- Saturday January 20 th, 2018

Who are we?

There were two guys behind the site here. Carl & Will. Carl is the big affiliate pushing the huge numbers and dropping all the knowledge on you. Will is the guy who started up PPC Coach 2 years ago and has been training affiliate marketers for over 8 years now. With Carl's knowledge and experience and Wills knowledge and experience in training affiliates, you get a POWERFUL 1-2 punch. We are very good at what do and are willing to show you the ropes, exposing more information then you've ever seen. We've trained over 8,700 affiliate marketers now a lot of which have gone on to quit their day jobs and become full time super affiliates.

Why not keep it to yourself, why give it away?

Techinically we're not giving anything away. We are charging a monthly fee for access to our services. The fee is set so that tirekickers and people who aren't serious about making a living online just go away. We're worth a lot more then we are charging, but if we charged what we are worth, (about $1,000+ per hour), we'd have very few people join. But getting back to the question, we love to teach. The old saying goes "those who can't do, teach", but we prove that sad saying wrong. There is nothing more fulfilling then taking someone from zero to full time internet marketer. Everything you need is here.

Why do media buys?

Doing media buys is actually one of the oldest methods of buying traffic around. The problem is not many know how to do it or where to go to buy it or what to use to do it right. We do. We also love media buys because this traffic source is so large that you could not possibly buy up all the inventory no matter who you are. Even Donald Trump doesn't have enough credit available to even make a dent in the inventory out there daily. That means we're not going to be stepping on your toes and you are not going to be stepping on ours. There is more room here then any other source of traffic out there.

Where's the screenshots of your bank accounts?

We think screenshots of bank accounts is very amateur hour frankly. Plus those can be easily photoshopped to show whatever balance desired. That method of marketing is shady and we're above that. If you don't believe we can help you and don't believe we do the numbers we do, then leave, keep promoting ebooks and have a wonderful life doing affilate marketing part time for the rest of your life. If you're serious about making money online our way, join now.

Where's the pictures of your cars and your mansion on the ocean?

We do not like that approach either. People who brag about their homes and cars have very fragile egos and it's sad that they think bragging about material possessions makes them superior to others. Even if we did just buy a Lambo or Ferrari is there any need to rub it in your face? No way. There are enough so called "gurus" out there that love to tell you how they bought another Ferrari and live on the ocean in their million dollar home. We've had enough of idiots bragging about their estates and their DB9s. We think that kind of marketing is sleazy and frankly rubs us the wrong way. The best ones are the ones who show you all these material possessions then try to tell you they're not bragging! What a complete farce. Those guys have huge egos that need constant stroking, we don't have those issues.

Where's the free sources of information about media buys?

Sorry, it doesn't exist. This information is hard to find and even harder to get someone to help you when you do find anyone doing it already. That's where we come in...