Media Buys Coach
-- Saturday January 20 th, 2018

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What do I get for my monthly membership?

A. This is the first question you will most likely have and it's the best one. You get a multitude of things with your membership including:
  • access to Carl & Will to answer any and all media buy related or affiliate marketing questions you have
  • access to the Media Buy Coach Members Forum, where other members can post questions and post answers for you to see
  • access to tutorials and guides
  • access to how to videos online
  • access to like minded individuals who want to succeed just as much as you do.
  • accpetance into the CPA network, (as long as you're legit and not a fraudster)

Q. Can I get a refund if I want one?

A. No. We do not offer refunds. We know that the information provided is very valuable and anyone who has access to the member site will be able to see this. If this policy bothers you then do not join. The last thing we want is people who join, stay for a month, then leave and want a refund
Q. Can I cancel my membership at any time?

A. Yes. You are not obligated to stay with us. If you join for a month and think this is not for you, (then we'll call you crazy and every other name in the book), BUT we will allow you to cancel the membership. Your membership will expire at the end of the month you cancel it in.
Q. I'm in xyz country, can I still join?

A. As long as we can process your monthly membership fee, you can join. It does not matter where in the world you live. That's the beauty of the internet and affiliate marketing, you can do it on a beach in the Maldives or from the cottage or from your office at work in the UK. We are global in our reach and training. We promote merchants all over the world, including Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom and Australia.
Q. I don't know how to make a website, can I join?

A. You can, but we don't recommend it. Learning to build a website is very easy and perhaps you should google some "html tutorials" to get started before joining us. We're not really about teaching you website building, it's very simple and easy to learn. We will provide some technical support but a basic knowledge of html is preferred.
Q. I can't use paypal as my country doesn't show, can I still join?

A. At this point, no. We are working on other processing methods though so check back in a couple weeks.
Q. I have no affiliate marketing experience, can I still join?

A. Yes. That's what we are going to teach you to do. We show you how to do it, then coach you on how to test and make it very profitable. That's exactly what we're about.
Q. I have no product or service of my own to sell, can I still join?

A. Yes. We're not only going to teach you how to sell things online via pay per click, but we're going to offer you the exact merchants to use. Some are selling thier products, others will be offering their services for a fee to potential customers. We will help you with that though, don't worry about it. However if you do have your own product or service, you will learn quite a bit about how to promote it here.
Q. Do you really tell us how to promote things, why would you want the competition?

A. Yes we do tell you exactly how to promote offers. We are not concerned about more competition because there are literally thousands and thousands of merchants around the world that we can promote. We have the skill set and experience to dominate any niche we decide to enter. Plus, as mentioned before, there is a ton of inventory out there that no single person could ever buy up in a day. We have no fear of competition and in fact thrive on it.
Q. What is to stop me from joining, finding out all your information, then cancelling my membership?

A. Our system has been designed to curb this. When you join, you recieve access to "Month One" information only. That includes the technique(s) of the month to promote and access to a private forum within the members forum dedicated to the technique(s) of the month. So if you join, pay your money, get one technique then leave, we don't care. But you will not know what the "Month Two" method(s) are or the "Month Three" and so on. Our system automatically promotes your access with each passing month. So, if you want to try to cheat us, you won't get far and if that tiered level of information access based on the number of months registered bothers you, then don't join. It's that simple.
Q. Who or Where else can I get this information.

A. No where. We don't have any competition at the moment. I'm sure there will be some copycats popping up, but they will never be able to do it as well as we do. Carl & Will have so much experience and knowledge between them, it will never be matched. It is rare to find a quality post on any forum about this. If you do, the author is not going to offer his help to you in getting going. I'm sure you'll see some imitators try to copy us, but don't be fooled, we're the first for a reason, we're the best source of this information anywhere. Even account managers don't have the affiliate angle down cold like we do.
Q. Can we promote as an affiliate?

A. Yes we do have our own in-house affiliate program located here: Affiliate Program. You can join ours without becoming a member if you want too.
Q. If you have thousands of members, how are you going to answer my individual questions?

A. We have been doing this for a long time and have perfected the systems necessary to give you the support you need. Once you become a member, you can post all questions via the members support forums. That way everyone can learn at the same time. Odds are if you have a question, it's either been asked and answered previously or 50 other people are wondering the exact same thing. We are also going to make available an archive of questions so you can search for the answer there or on the forums before asking anything. We've been doing this for awhile and have asked each other virtually every question, so we have a definite idea of the answer to anything. If we don't know something, we will use all our resources to find out. (We have access to quite a few big hitters in various industries and can get inside information too). You can also use the help desk system to send a ticket which we will respond to asap.
Q.What kind of guarantee do you give?

A. None, zip, zero. There are two things guaranteed in life; death and taxes. Everything else is up in the air. Sure there are quite a few things you can control, (like how hard you work and how much effort you put in), but there are quite a few uncontrollable variables too. We will show you how to do everything and even help tweak things once you get them up and running, but we will not make any guarantees. You get out what you put in, just like everything else in life. Again, if you need a guarantee, you're not going to do well in affiliate marketing. The higher the risk the higher the reward.
Q.I'm still not sure if I should join, I think the price is too high?

A. No problem, this is not for everyone. You can leave, no hard feelings. But if you think the cost is too high, you are looking at this from the wrong angle. This is an investment in your future. We pondered a very high price when building the site, but decided we wanted to help more people, so we lowered it a bit. Most susccessful marketers spend literally thousands and thousands of dollars per day in just advertising. This amount of money is a drop in the hat for them.